Elinor Ostrom (Indiana), Christina Chang (CAFOD), Mark Pennington (Queen Mary), and Vlad Tarko (George Mason): The Future of the Commons: Beyond Market Failure and Government Regulation. From TED, Peter Singer on the why and how of effective altruism (and more). Charlotte Allen goes beyond the pale: At “white privilege” conferences, a lengthening list of victims issue an ever-more-detailed indictment of Western civilization. The voice of a silent world: Jacques Cousteau was willing to go to whatever lengths were necessary to protect the seas. A young Houston couple is planning to give away $4 billion, but only to projects that prove they are worth it — can they redefine the world of philanthropy? You are less beautiful than you think: Ozgun Atasoy on how Dove's viral video gets it wrong. Why ban the sale of cigarettes? Here is the case for abolition.