Jeffrey W. Alexander (Wisconsin): Civilization and Enlightenment: A Study in Computer Gaming and History Education, Surveying Student-Players of Civilization IV. From The Boston Globe’s “Ideas” section, Courtney Humphries on how we’re already building the metropolis of the future — green, wired, even helpful; now critics are starting to ask whether we’ll really want to live there; and Finn Brunton on the long, weird history of the Nigerian e-mail scam: 200 years ago, a near-perfect con was already snagging our imaginations — and wallets. Offsets are not the answer to disaster funding: A tornado puts Oklahoma's Republican senators to the test. About that dissertation: Jason Richwine on being the media’s villain of the week. Zack Beauchamp on the inside story of the Harvard dissertation that became too racist for Heritage. Brink Lindsey on why people keep misunderstanding the “connection” between race and IQ.