A new issue of e-flux is out. Cass Sunstein (Harvard): The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs: Myths and Realities. From Logos, Stephen Eric Bronner on why utopia must remain utopian. Filthy and violent it may be, but life is still precious for the world's street children — can you look them in the eye? John Quiggin on how austerity has been tested, and it failed. Wealth of Negations, grammatical naysayers have brought out a second acerbic edition glossarising the crisis of language in the crisis of the capital labour relation of this early accursed 21st century. Rick Searle on the ethics of a simulated universe. Amina Tawasil on why “1 + 1” is more than an equation. Bruce Bartlett on Proposition 13, 35 years later. Stop hating on the IRS: It does as good a job chasing tax cheats as we let it. Who will stick up for the IRS? Kevin Drum wants to know. Mad about the IRS mess? Blame Congress.