The latest issue of Steampunk magazine is out. From Philosophy Now, what’s so bad about being a zombie? Dien Ho asks if you’d be better off undead; and fortune-tellers and causation: Sean Moran won’t be palmed off by talk of backwards causation. Matthew Philips on how the deficit is shrinking — and nobody cares. From Arrested Development to Dr. Who, how binge watching is changing our culture. United Nations tells Ron Paul to shove his lawsuit right up his ass. Michael Kazin on how unions got on board with immigration reform. From Breakthrough, a debate on obesity and the overweight. Ken Silverstein on the secret donors behind the Center for American Progress and other think tanks: Washington institutions esteemed for their independent scholarship don't disclose donations from corporations and foreign governments. Jan Dumolyn and Jelle Haemers on the five most common insults and slogans of medieval rebels.