A new issue of Common-place is out. Aaron Robert Gott (FSU): Due Process, Neutrality, and Booze. The hard facts collected by “a numbers man” over the course of his career yield an irrefutable conclusion: More guns equals more dead people. The world once dreamt American dreams — who or what will rise up to fill the imagination void? Is your state's highest-paid employee a coach? (Probably) Jed Kolko on where Americans look for vacation homes. Still the Redeemer Nation: The ceaseless quest for redemption in politics and culture is one of the chronic infirmities of American national life — but God forbid we should ever give it up. For all the legacies that American politics has bequeathed to the world, one that rarely gets acclaim is its linguistic legacy. An excerpt from The Jet Sex: Airline Stewardesses and the Making of an American Icon by Victoria Vantoch. Steve Shapiro on 6 sacred icons of American culture that aren't even American.