A new issue of the Journal of Terrorism Research is out. Thomas Hegghammer (FFI): Should I Stay or Should I Go? Explaining Variation in Western Jihadists' Choice between Domestic and Foreign Fighting. Peter J. Phillips (USQ): The Theory of the Rise of the Lone Wolf Terrorist: Diseconomies to Scale and Terrorism at the Smallest Scale of Production. Dawinder S. Sidhu (New Mexico): Lessons on Terrorism and “Mistaken Identity” from Oak Creek, with a Coda on the Boston Marathon Bombings. Nationalism, madness, and terrorism: Liah Greenfeld on how a key to the Tsarnaevs’ behavior may perhaps be found in developments in England 500 years ago. Preventive measures: Hendrik Hertzberg on the costs of counterterrorism. Liane Hartnett reviews Liberal Terror by Brad Evans. Is the war on terrorism over? David S. Maxwell on unconventional warfare. Peter Bergen on how Bush's war on terror is over.