From The Village Voice, Nick Greene on “Only in New York!” and six other New York sayings that are completely false. Washington, a tale of two cities: Two politicians — a former and a would-be mayor — symbolise the momentous changes polarising America’s capital. Edward McClelland on why the smartest people in the Midwest all move to Chicago. The death and life of Chicago: Ben Austen on an innovative campaign to move “home-less people into people-less homes”. L.A. takes the high road: Los Angelenos are at long last seeing the error of their ways and taking a very different view of their city — and themselves. Think again, again: Brian Doyle writes in defense of the City of Roses. The future of the American city: A “great inversion” is taking place — once, Americans fled inner cities for a suburban paradise, bit now an urban revival is making the suburbs the home of the poor.