Massimo Fichera (Helsinki): Schmitt and the New World Order: A View from Europe. Susanna Mancini (Bologna): The Tempting of Europe, the Political Seduction of the Cross. David Edward (Edinburgh): The Moral Case for Europe. Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen (Copenhagen): Welfare States and Social Europe. Ozgur Yalcın (METU): Social Policy in European Union: Is There Any Welfare State? Joanna Diane Caytas (Columbia): Karl Popper and Conspiracy Theories in Polish Political Thought. The introduction to Weimar Thought: A Contested Legacy. David Auerbach reviews The Crisis of the European Mind: 1680-1715 by Paul Hazard. Pavlos Eleftheriadis reviews Philosophy and Resistance in the Crisis: Greece and the Future of Europe by Costas Douzinas. From DRB, does Europe exist? Enda O’Doherty wonders. An elusive dream: While Americans have always rallied around their country in times of crisis, Europeans have abandoned the dream of a united Europe. Jason Farago on why the European Union is still worth celebrating (really) — if only for the fall of cultural barriers. Behind the flag-waving, there are hints of hesitation among Europe’s nationalists. Lessons from Lagarde: The IMF makes clear that the euro zone as a whole needs reform. Andrew Watt on why Left-wing advocates of an end to the single currency are wrong. Richard Sicotte reviews Europe and the Maritime World: A Twentieth Century History by Michael B. Miller.