From European Journalism Observatory, Federico Guerrini on traditional and online fact-checking. Nicky Woolf on how The Guardian broke the Snowden story — and what it says about the British media company's emerging threat to the New York Times. The next edition: Katharine Weymouth has lived much of her life in the shadow of two formidable women — now, she has a chance to join their ranks. From Wonkblog, Amazon is a big, influential company with plenty of policy interests — and the company's CEO now also owns Washington's biggest newspaper (and more and more); the Post isn't being sold to Amazon — it's being sold to Bezos as an individual (and more); journalism needs a business model — can Jeff Bezos find one? Jim Tankersley investigates; and Lydia DePillis on why the Washington Post isn’t a charity case for Jeff Bezos. From TNR, Marc Tracy on Jeff Bezos' murky politics: A primer (and more and more and more); and Chris Hughes on Jeff Bezos's purchase of the Washington Post. Why didn't the Boston Globe sell to the highest bidder? Hamilton Nolan wants to know. Danny Hayes on why Obama is wrong: Traditional journalism isn’t dead. From Tom Paine to Glenn Greenwald, we need partisan journalism. Alec MacGillis on the media's shameful role in the phony IRS scandal. Dan Froomkin on the case for a secrecy beat: The press has a major role to play in fostering the debate on transparency that the nation needs.