A new issue of HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory is out. Reva Siegel (Yale): Dignity and the Duty to Protect Unborn Life. What’s an idea worth? Adam Davidson on why the billable hour no longer makes economic sense. Iran's new president Hassan Rouhani makes a promising first move. Rich investors say that it takes at least $5 million to feel wealthy, according to a new investor sentiment report from UBS — meanwhile, two-thirds of millionaires don’t consider themselves to be wealthy. Sarah Kliff on how most Americans would like to die before they turn 100 — radical life extension is not particularly popular. Harry Hopkins explains why stimulus doesn't work: “Don't forget that whatever happens you'll be wrong”. Should trans people have to disclose their birth gender before sex? A study finds military suicides are not correlated with military deployment. Brad DeLong on America’s health-care divide. It gets worse: How come nobody is making educational videos for straight teens? Harry Reid should kill the filibuster, for real this time: Democrats have all the leverage — why won't they use it? Ian Williams on geek culture: What is Superman in the twenty-first century but a corporate mascot, albeit one with a lavish backstory? Andrea Peterson on why a former NSA chief just made a big mistake by dissing hackers: When you desperately need the help of a group, it's usually not a good idea to call them would-be terrorist.