Scott D. Scheall (ASU): Hayek the Apriorist? From Public Discourse, Julia Shaw reviews How the West Really Lost God: A New Theory of Secularization by Mary Eberstadt (and more); Richard W. Garnett on Mary Ann Glendon and the structure of religious freedom; and Robert George remembers Jean Bethke Elshtain, gifted thinker and courageous woman. Ezra Klein on a terrifying look into John Boehner’s awful job: This is not a safe way to govern the country. From Fortnightly Review, Alan Macfarlane on Anthropology, Empire and Modernity, the Huxley Lecture at the Royal Anthropological Institute, 2012. What is the difference between mascara, eye-liner and concealer? Emma Carmichael on six philosophical inquiries. Waheed Hussain reviews Public Capitalism: The Political Authority of Corporate Executives by Christopher McMahon. Walter Hamilton on Nauru, Australia's human dumping ground. Andrea Peterson on the 30 questions the White House doesn’t seem to want to answer. Claude Levi-Strauss stays the mighty hand of history, at least for a moment. Dan McLaughlin on 73 rules for running for president as a Republican. Potpourri: Michelle Goodman on the $63,000 machine that transforms pot plants into concentrates. Child’s play: James Kirchick on the fairy-tale world of Model United Nations. Tits, out: A campaign to get rid of tabloid nudity says much about Britain's changing attitudes to sex. Is the New Age here? Well, yes and no.