From Foreign Affairs, William E. Scheuerman reviews Secret Reports on Nazi Germany: The Frankfurt School Contribution to the War Effort by Franz Neumann, Herbert Marcuse and Otto Kirchheimer, ed. Raffaele Laudani, with a foreword by Raymond Geuss (and the introduction). Georgia Warnke reviews Fortunes of Feminism: From Women's Liberation to Identity Politics to Anti-Capitalism by Nancy Fraser (and more). La contra Adorno: Noah R. Gataveckas on the sex-economic problem of Platypus. James Gordon Finlayson reviews Adorno by Brian O'Connor. Enrique Peruzzotti and Martin Plot on their book Critical Theory and Democracy: Civil Society, Dictatorship, and Constitutionalism in Andrew Arato's Democratic Theory. Joseph Ramsey interviews Jodi Dean on admitting the communist desire. From the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy, Jurgen Habermas on a plea for a constitutionalization of international law. Armin von Bogdandy interviews Jurgen Habermas on discourse theory and international law. Is Habermas really aware of what is missing? Timothy Stacey on how Europe lost and can re-engage with teleological ideas. Burcu Baykurt reviews Revisiting the Frankfurt School: Essays on Culture, Media and Theory. Esther Leslie looks at Horkheimer's understanding of “pseudo-individuality” and his relevance today.