Patrick R. Ireland (IIT): European Welfare States and Immigrant Incorporation Strategies. Pablo Cristobal Jimenez Lobeira (CAPPE): European Identity and Other Mysteries: Seeking Out the Hidden Source of Unity for a Troubled Polity. Viktoria Kaina (Jena) and Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski (Wroclaw): EU Governance and European Identity. At long last: Are we finally witnessing politicization of the debate over the future of the EU? Bernardo Gutierrez on Spain’s micro-utopias: The 15M Movement and its prototypes (and part 2). Vamos a la playa: A look at the politics of Europe’s summer holidays. We cherish the southern European lifestyle, yet scorn southern Europeans: Northern Europeans love experiencing the lifestyle of Greece and Italy, even as their hard-headed leaders try to ruin it. He needs your help against the fascists: Bertell Ollman, a professor of politics at New York University, appeals for solidarity on behalf of a Greek scholar facing legal threats from the fascist Golden Dawn party. Cas Mudde on the myth of Weimar Europe: Since the start of the Great Recession, it has become received wisdom that the far right is on the rise across Europe — but not often is the “economic-crisis-breeds-extremism” thesis confronted with actual facts. You can download Right-Wing Extremism in Europe: Country Analyses, Counter-Strategies and Labor-Market Oriented Exit Strategies, ed. Ralf Melzer and Sebastian Serafi.