George C. Edwards (Texas A&M): Persuasion is Not Power. Derek Epp (UNC): Patterns of Change in Mass Political Opinion. Matt Grossmann (Michigan State): How Policy Cues Structure Partisan Opinions. Mark J. Brandt (Tilburg) and Geoffrey Wetherell and Christine Reyna (DePaul): Liberals and Conservatives Show Similarities in Negativity Bias: Evidence from Intolerance, Psychological Threat, and Motivated Reasoning. Timothy J. Ryan (Michigan): No Compromise: Political Consequences of Moralized Attitudes. Jarret Crawford, Sean Modri (CNJ) and Matt Motyl (Virginia): Bleeding-Heart Liberals and Hard-Hearted Conservatives: Subtle Political Dehumanization Through Differential Attributions of Human Nature and Human Uniqueness Traits. Jessica Bulman-Pozen (Columbia): Partisan Federalism. Roderick P. Hartand Colene J. Lind (Texas): Walking the Partisan Line: Mitt Romney in the 2012 Campaign. Michael Rocca, Wendy L. Hansen, and Brittany Ortiz (New Mexico): The Effects of Citizens United on Corporate Contributions in the 2012 Presidential Election. Karen Sebold, Joshua Mitchell, and Andrew J. Dowdle (Arkansas): The Geography of Political Influence in the 2012 Presidential Nomination: Has the Demise of the Public Finance System Increased the Influence of a Few Densely, Populated States? Seth Masket on how our political parties beat campaign finance reform: Did the McCain-Feingold Act of 2002 have any of its intended effects? The Two Washingtons: The politicians are too principled, the lobbyists and journalists are too corrupt — the result is disaster.