Stacy-Ann Elvy (NYLS): Towards a New Democratic Africa: The African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance. Nicholas Alden Kahn-Fogel (Arkansas): Western Universalism and African Homosexualities. Ericka Albaugh (Bowdoin): States of Languages and Languages of States: Natural and Unnatural Language Spread in West Africa. Beth Whitaker and Jason Giersch (UNC): The Politics of Exclusion: Explaining Anti-Immigration Attitudes in Africa. C. Omar Kebbeh on The Gambia and migration in Africa's "Smiling Coast". Adam Welz on the war on African poaching: Is militarization fated to fail? Mark Leon Goldberg and Mading Ngor on South Sudan’s somewhat disappointing first two years. Snatched from a marketplace in Sudan and sold into slavery at the age of six, William Mawwin became one of millions of people in the world enduring some form of involuntary servitude. Fear and hunger threaten to overwhelm one of Africa’s most tragic countries, the Central African Republic. Zambia isn’t a failed state in the traditional sense — there’s no dictator, no child soldiers — but most of its 14 million people live on less than $1 per day; how did things get this way, and can they ever get better? The global elite’s favorite strongman: Paul Kagame is an international hero for reforming Rwanda — but cleaning up a country doesn’t come without moral hazards. Six months on from the French-led liberation, the people of Timbuktu are still reeling from the Islamist assault on their ancient heritage and way of life. Can Africa tell its own stories? Simon Allison wants to know.