James Symonds (York): Colonial Encounters of the Nordic Kind. The Vikings were not the first colonizers of the Faroe Islands. Are you a viking? Yes, but so is everyone else. From The Economist, searching for answers in the executive-search business: Times are tough for some headhunters; and in praise of laziness: Businesspeople would be better off if they did less and thought more. From n+1, David Marcus remembers Marshall Berman. Why do real estate agents still exist? Lydia DePillis on how the internet was supposed to kill real estate agents — instead, it helped them. Gary Gutting on science’s humanities gap. The latest issue of America magazine is completely given over to an interview with Pope Francis (and more and more). David Sirota on Chipotle’s self-serving deception: A “vegetarian” bait-and-switch”. Alec MacGillis on how raising the minimum wage could be a winning issue for Democrats. An excerpt from The Value of Violence by Benjamin Ginsberg. Lina Khan on how the folks who sell your Corn Flakes are acting like Goldman Sachs — and that should worry you. A new conspiracy theory on 4chan is riding Pronunciation Book's coattails. The first chapter from In the Interest of Others: Organizations and Social Activism by John S. Ahlquist and Margaret Levi. Tina Rosenberg reviews David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell. Dutch King Willem-Alexander declares the end of the welfare state.