Brandon L. Garrett (Virginia): The Constitutional Standing of Corporations. Anita I. Anand (Toronto): The Value of Governance. Sandrine Blanc (INSEEC) and Ismael Al-Amoudi (Reading): Corporate Institutions in a Weakened Welfare State: A Rawlsian Perspective. Christian Mastilak (Xavier), Linda J. Matuszewski (Northern Illinois), Fabienne Miller (WPI), and Alex Woods (William and Mary): Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? An Examination of Exposure to Economic Theory and Opportunistic Behavior. Amy Sepinwall (Penn): Culpability Without Fault: The Case for Punishing Executives for Crimes of Their Corporation. Arthur E. Wilmarth Jr. (GWU): Turning a Blind Eye: Why Washington Keeps Giving In to Wall Street. No measly shutdown can keep Congress from sucking up to Wall Street. From The American Interest, an interview with Jonathan R. Macey, author of The Death of Corporate Reputation: How Integrity Has Been Destroyed on Wall Street. Steven Pearlstein on how the cult of shareholder value wrecked American business. Felix Salmon on the JP Morgan apologists of CNBC (and more at The Baffler). Reform school for bankers: The world’s leading investment bank puts itself under the spotlight. Riding high: Wells Fargo is the big winner from the financial crisis. Silla Brush and Robert Schmidt how the bank lobby loosened U.S. reins on derivatives. Looting the pension funds: Matt Taibbi on how all across America, Wall Street is grabbing money meant for public workers. J.F. Sargent on 5 outrageous lies companies are legally allowed to tell you.