Seth C. McKee, Daniel A. Smith, William D Hicks, and Mitchell Sellers (Florida): Evolution of an Issue: Voter ID Laws in the American States. Emboldened by the Supreme Court decision that struck down the heart of the Voting Rights Act, a growing number of Republican-led states are moving aggressively to tighten voting rules. Are white people unenthusiastic about civil rights? Joan Walsh on how the angry right gets mad when you accuse it of race-baiting. If you're a consumer of conservative talk, you're apparently sure that arguing with liberals inevitably means being called a racist. Is America’s militia movement on the rise? Self-styled “patriots” gather to plan and train in close-quarters battle. Meet Richard Spencer, the man trying to make white separatism respectable. Rick Perlstein on growing up in the John Birch Society. Lydia DePillis on how Goya brought ethnic food to white America: The nation's biggest Hispanic-owned food company has learned how to manufacture authenticity. Fewer Latinos will speak Spanish, more non-Latinos will, report says. Myth buster: Latinos are not "natural conservatives". Lisa Wade on the racial empathy gap: Why, with all other things being equal, do people react more strongly to images of light-skinned individuals being harmed than they do to those involving dark-skinned individuals? Meghan A. Burke on colorblindness vs. race-consciousness — an American ambivalence. Racism is dying — at least when it comes to geography. Segregation may be less of a problem, but it's still a problem. XJ Selman and A.C. Grimes on the 4 worst attempts to talk about racism.