From The Monkey Cage, a symposium on the gender gap in academia, including Jane Mansbridge on why biases and disadvantages for women in academia persist; and can an automated tool help authors create better bibliographies and avoid gender biases? Peter Sacks reviews Derek Bok’s Higher Education in America (and more). William Chace on jump-starting American higher ed. Claire Goldstene on the emergent academic proletariat and its shortchanged students. For public colleges, the best tuition is no tuition. Watch the professor: Evan Kindley reviews Inventing the Egghead: The Battle over Brainpower in American Culture by Aaron Lecklider. Rick Perlstein on the death of democratic higher education. A bachelor’s degree could cost $10,000 total — here’s how. Self-fashioning in society and solitude: Nannerl O. Keohane on crafting a liberal-arts education. Heather Horn writes in defense of the humanities Ph.D.: Yes, the academic job market is a wasteland, but that doesn't make spending your twenties reading poetry for low pay irrational. A look at how college application fees hurt poor kids. Why are colleges giving away money to rich kids who don’t need it? They might value their rankings more than the economy. College admissions requirements in America are crazy — here’s a solution. Daniel Luzer writes in praise of the shabby, free, public university. Your stereotype of college students is bad and you should feel bad.