Lloyd Green on the GOP’s backdoor impeachment scheme: Republicans have lost at the ballot box and the Supreme Court, so they’ve decided to nullify President Obama another way — keep his government from working, period. If Republicans were once the daddy party, now they're the abusive ex-husband with a substance abuse problem party. What is most striking about the present is not the virtues of moderation but of the potential power of conviction — one detects, behind all the anxiety about “extremists”, “radicals”, and “militant minorities” a degree of envy. William Boardman on minority government at work: Why don’t we call these people nihilists? Nathan Schneider on why the government shutdown is not an anarchist utopia. As polls plummet, Rightbloggers get to work on their new shutdown excuses. Robert Costa on five myths about House Republicans. Matt Taibbi on how Democrats must stop Ted Cruz's Hollywood ending. Who is John Galt? Now we know — Slavoj Zizek on financial meltdowns and government shutdowns (and more). Robyn Pennacchia on the 5 creepiest things about how the Koch brothers engineered the shutdown. Cash-strapped FreedomWorks is in state of financial disarray. America needs a grand bargain, but not on the budget — it's time to disarm the partisan war’s new weapons of mass destruction. Bruce Bartlett on the dangers of debt limit brinksmanship. If he has to, Obama should raise the debt ceiling unilaterally: Emily Bazelon and Eric Posner on how the law’s clearly on his side, and the markets won’t actually be spooked.