From Scottish Left Review, a special issue on “A Year to Go”. Alyson JK Bailes and Baldur Thorhallsson (Iceland) and Rachael Lorna Johnstone (Akureyri): Scotland as an Independent Small State: Where Would It Seek Shelter? Joel Mokyr (Northwestern) and Morgan Kelly and Cormac O'Grada (UCD): Precocious Albion: A New Interpretation of the British Industrial Revolution. From Soundings, Stuart Hall and Alan O’Shea on common-sense neoliberalism. From Renewal, beyond living with capitalism: Duncan Weldon on the Labour Party, macroeconomics, and political economy since 1994; and Ben Jackson and Martin O’Neill interview Jacob Hacker on the politics of predistribution. Why did a British tabloid call Ed Miliband’s dad an evil, Jewish Marxist “who hated Britain”’? (and more) From Prospect, David Herman on Ralph Miliband — it’s complicated; and on why the Daily Mail is not antisemitic: These pieces add up to a vicious slur on a dead man, but they are not antisemitic, and in these darkening times, we should not be too quick to cry wolf; Jessica Abrahams on how to dress like a political wife; and Serena Kutchinsky on why it’s time to ban Bridget Jones. Clive Martin on reasons London is the worst place ever. How British are you? Media Mole solves your national identity crisis. What do you see when you look at England? Charles Moore reviews England’s 100 Best Views by Simon Jenkins. Is Great Britain really a “small island”? Anna Meisel investigates.