Matthijs Krul (Brunel): The Value of Value: Reflections on Theorizing Economic History. Ryan Bubb and Richard H. Pildes (NYU): How Behavioral Economics Trims Its Sails and Why. Marc Pilkington (Burgundy): Economics as a Polymorphic Discursive Construct: Heterodoxy and Pluralism. From Econ Journal Watch, a special issue on the ideological migration of the economics laureates. Robert Sugden reviews The World in the Model: How Economists Work and Think by Mary S. Morgan. An article on how the Economics Nobel highlights a big unanswered question. Raj Jetty on why economics is a science: Don’t let the skeptical response to this year’s Nobel Prize fool you (and more). Mark Thoma on how the Internet is changing what economists do. Economic models are rigorous analysis by name only: Daniel Baker on why economists should admit they know nothing about risk. Yichuan Wang on why economics is good for lots of things. Rules vs discretion revisited: Adam Gurri on the insularity of economists. Evolutionary foundations of Coasean economics: Masahiro Mikami on transforming new institutional economics into evolutionary economics. Felix Salmon reviews The Undercover Economist Strikes Back: How to Run-or Ruin-an Economy by Tim Harford. Tim Harford is the man who gives geeks a good name. Lights, camera, economics: Robert Reich brings his message to the big screen.