Frederik F. Rosen (DIIS): The Eternal One: The Vision of Centralized Authority in Global Governance Studies and the Lack of a True Beyond? Peter Manifold (DTI): Theoretical Analysis of Global Governance: Realist Perspectives on the Foundations of the United Nations. Raffaele Marchetti (LUISS): Beyond the UN: A World Federal Government? Nancy Birdsall writes in defense of world government. A seat on the United Nations Security Council is not always attractive for states — Erik Voeten explains why. Mark Leon Goldberg on why Security Council elections matter and on what Americans think when they think of the United Nations. Gustavo Flores-Macias and Sarah Kreps on why the rise of China makes the U.S. even lonelier at the UN. When it can’t use troops, the UN’s last peacekeeping tool is its moral voice — what is that worth in the real world? Richard Gowan wonders. Did the U.N. just win its first real war? Colonel Sultani Makenga, the leader of Congo's brutal M23 rebel group, has surrendered. The UN’s Valerie Amos: Advocate for victims of the world’s crises. From The Nation, Andrew Gilmour on Dag Hammarskjold, statesman of the century. Richard Gowan on Ban Ki-moon, Zen master of twitter. Behind the scenes at the UN: Warren Hoge interviews Edie Lederer, the Associated Press chief correspondent at the United Nations. We don't have to worry about asteroids now that the UN is on the case.