A new issue of Aspeers: Emerging Voices in American Studies is out. MiEsha Strickland (Cleveland State): Social Security Number Assignments: Coincidental, Intentional or Urban Legend? Brian Steele (UAB): Inventing Un-America. Scott Alan Carson (Texas): US Male Obesity from 1800-2000: A Long Term Perspective. Shannon Wambaugh on combating canine obesity in the United States. Gored in the U.S.A.: The running of the bulls comes to America. Carolyn Givens on the beauty of Americana. Sally Jenkins on how the flag came to be called Old Glory. Albert Burneko on the Great American Menu: Foods of the states, ranked and mapped. Why do we eat cereal for breakfast? and other questions about American meals answered. Kelsy Campbell-Dollaghan on what she found at Hart Island, the largest mass grave site in the U.S. Oklahoma Satanists seek to put monument on Capitol steps, next to Ten Commandments. Charlie Jane Anders on a map of the weirdest sex laws in the United States. A vindication of Juggalo Society: Daniel M. Rothschild on why America is increasingly down with the clown, and that’s OK. What’s wrong with America? Jared Bernstein wants to know. Jaime O'Neill on 12 signs America is insane: Chelsea Manning is in jail, Dick Cheney is not — need we say more? Lauren Ben on 10 reasons why the U.S.A. isn’t all bad. America 3.0: James C. Bennett and Michael J. Lotus on the coming reinvention of America. Jacopo della Quercia on 6 carefully planned “utopias” that went spectacularly insane.