Dora L. Costa (UCLA): Health and the Economy in the United States, from 1750 to the Present. George Skouras (LIWT): The Commons, Capitalism, and the Constitution. Re-make “Made in America”: Jon Greenfield and Woodrow W. Clark on community real estate construction and sustainable development. Why are children working in American tobacco fields? Gabriel Thompson on how young farm workers are falling ill from “green tobacco sickness” while the industry denies it and government lets it happen. Paul Buchheit on 7 rip-offs corporations and the wealthy don't want you to know about. David Sirota on how Wall Street — not pensioners — wrecked Detroit. Your assumptions about welfare recipients are wrong: The stereotype of people on welfare is that they spend the money unwisely, but the data proves otherwise. And then inequality happened: Anat Shenker-Osorio on how Obama’s language left no one to blame. Alec MacGillis on how the war against income inequality suffered a big loss in Seattle. Redistribute wealth? No, redistribute respect. Read this study if you want to argue for a higher minimum wage: The media treat it as a political ploy — it has a serious intellectual case, too. What happens when you raise the minimum wage in a down economy? Matthew Yglesias on why taxing the rich is great. Long on straw men and conspiracy theories: Roger Lowenstein reviews Guardians of Prosperity: Why America Needs Big Banks by Richard X. Bove. Do the hustle: James Surowiecki on con artists and the American Dream. Doug Bandow on how Americans are living better than they have at any point in human history.