Karl Widerquist (Georgetown) and Grant McCall (Tulane): Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy. Mauro Caraccioli (Florida): The Difference that Nature Makes: Empire and Natural History in Contemporary Political Theory. David Hunter Walsh (Rutgers): Fact and Power in the Social Sciences: A Different Argument for the Necessary Role of Political Theory. From the latest issue of Political Concepts, Avital Ronell (NYU): Authority; Andreas Kalyvas (New School): Constituent Power; Jacques Lezra (NYU): Enough; and Richard J. Bernstein (New School): Violence. From the final issue of The Art of Theory, a series of interviews with Elizabeth Anderson, Corey Brettschneider, Michael Walzer, and Bernard Yack. Jeanne L. Schroeder reviews The Rule of the Clan: What an Ancient Form of Social Organization Reveals About the Future of Individual Freedom by Mark S. Weiner. The introduction to The Confidence Trap: A History of Democracy in Crisis from World War I to the Present by David Runciman (and Runciman on the trouble with democracy and democracy’s dual dangers). Is democracy a Western idea? Diego Von Vacano on what we can learn from non-Western political thought about the global potential of democracy. The introduction to Confucian Perfectionism: A Political Philosophy for Modern Times by Joseph Chan. Do political philosophers know that their world is mostly make-believe? Christopher Fear goes down the rabbit hole (and a response).