Jeren Guzman (UPR): Para Baila’ y Revolucionar? Salsa as Political Discourse. Alexis Anja Kallio and Heidi Partti (Sibelius): Music Education for a Nation: Teaching Patriotic Ideas and Ideals in Global Societies. Will Studdert (Kent) “The Death of Music”: The Nazis’ Relationship with Jazz in World War II. Danny Downing (Hull): Defending the Realm: National Identity, Heritage and Nationalism in Black Metal. Noah Berlatsky on fascism and black metal: The mainstream is interested in the first, but not the second. Tom Jacobs goes inside the head of a headbanger: New research suggests that, for some fans, heavy metal music fills deep-seated psychological needs. Music as medicine: Researchers are exploring how music therapy can improve health outcomes among a variety of patient populations. Kim Kankiewicz on the recurring dreams of marching band alums: Why is it that, even years after packing up their instruments, many marching band members experience the same anxiety-inducing nightmares? From Religions, a special issue on music and spirituality. Brendan I. Koerner on how there really is a conference where nerds study videogame music. The haunting music that takes you back 1,800 years: Expert records “100% accurate” version of song as heard in ancient Greece. Kelsey D. Atherton on using folk music to track human migration. Research suggests evidence of ancient human history is encoded in music's complex patterns. The Last Symphony: John Halle on how today’s elite lacks the patience and culture for classical music. Requiem: Classical music in America is dead. Accordions — so hot right now: Once considered glamorous and sexy, then forgotten, the instrument is making a comeback.