Sylvain Dessy and Safa Ragued (Laval): Whither the Progressive Tax? Sara Protasi (Yale): Loving People For Who They Are (Even When They Don't Love You Back). Justin E. H. Smith (Paris): Natives, Nature, and Natural Slavery. Jan Goldstein writes in praise of the variegated life. Louis Menand on the prisoner of stress: What does anxiety mean? While we rightly recall today the heroism of Pete Seeger in refusing to make the blacklist a career — indeed, sacrificing his career in order to unmake the blacklist — we have to ask ourselves how many of us would have chosen the path he did. The Post Office should just become a bank: David Dayen on how Obama can save USPS and ding check-cashing joints. Nipplegate at 10: Rich Juzwiak on how Justin won Superbowl XXXVIII, and how Janet lost. What will be Ben Bernanke's political legacy? Sarah Binder on how Bernanke bequeathes a more transparent but also a more politically dependent Federal Reserve. A kingdom in Queens: Nine decades after its founding, a gathering place for one of Europe's most overlooked ethnic groups still entertains with Hofbrau, Krainerwurst and even the occasional quinceanera. From Russia!, an article on the spirit of perestroika on music albums covers. The Atlanta Braves’ long nightmare is finally over: The baseball team has announced that it will move out of its downtown stadium, Turner Field, after a whopping 16 years and move to the greener pastures of suburban Cobb County.