David Golumbia (VCU): Commercial Trolling: Social Media and the Corporate Deformation of Democracy. Matthew W. Hughey (Mississippi State) and Jessie Daniels (Hunter): Racist Comments at Online News Sites: A Methodological Dilemma for Discourse Analysis. The year megaplatforms ruled the Internet: John Herrman on the web we lost, the web we deserve, and the web we want. Twitter is for narcissists, Facebook is for egotists: New research shows Twitter isn't just for narcissists. Lydia DePillis on how click farms are the new sweatshops. The Stream is fun and fast, but don't you miss the sense of an ending? Leon Neyfakh on the botmaker who sees through the Internet: Darius Kazemi’s little creations are funny, poignant, popular — and a sly commentary on how the Web is organizing our lives. The message to aspiring video makers on YouTube is clear, and seductive: Attract an audience, build your brand — but success, let alone stardom and wealth, remains elusive. Andrew Leonard on Facebook’s fatal weakness: Why the social network is losing to Amazon, Apple and Google. I did not sign on for the #outrage: Twitter has become a combat zone that fills me with dread — when did the Internet turn into such a minefield? This is Facebook’s Internet, and the media is just attempting to find a way to sustain itself in it. Dominic Pettman on the Tumblrst Tumbl ever Tumbld: or, how I found the Angel of History trapped on the flypaper of social media. Matthew J.X. Malady has discovered the Internet's most Internet sentence: No other sentence better captures the ethos of the web.