James E Wheeler (Regent): God, Guns and Others: Why Restrictions on Carrying Firearms in Church Conflict with a Moral Duty to Defend Others. From the Journal of Economic Perspectives, a symposium on agriculture. From Foreign Affairs, is Putin rational? Probably — here's how to work with him (and Tyler Cowen on modeling Vladimir Putin). Putin is Russia’s action man: Why everything the Russian President does is designed to show his strength. Katie J.M. Baker on geopolitics and the pickup game: “I don’t want to see pussy paradise Ukraine join the EU”. Jessica Trisko Darden on what the search for Flight MH370 tells us about national security in Asia: What began as a search for a plane has become a window into the limited capacity of the governments in the region to monitor and control their territory. From New York, Jonathan Chait on how the Republican Party’s Prague Spring is officially over; does the tea party and other right-wing populist groups actually oppose the agenda of the financial industry, or are they mainly its allies? We now have an answer; and Barack Obama, Ta-Nehisi Coates, poverty, and culture: Why did the president urge black people to "get off the couch and stop watching SportsCenter"? Republicans must make a choice about Obamacare: Repeal or relent. Simon Kuper on how to save the US: “The solution to America’s problems is obvious — it should model itself on its military”. Print out your bracket, place your bets, throw on your team colors and heat up some nachos because March Madness 2014: Drugs vs. Alcohol.