From the inaugural issue of the Journal of Human Rights in the Commonwealth, Martin Crook (London): The Mau Mau Genocide: A Neo-Lemkinian Analysis. Renfrew Christie (UWC): Domesticating the UN Convention against Torture and the Robben Island Guidelines for the Prevention of Torture in Africa. Godfrey Musila (Nairobi): African Union and the Evolution of International Criminal Justice in Africa: Challenges, Controversies and Opportunities. Gustavo Gomes da Costa Santos (Pernambuco): Decriminalising Homosexuality in Africa: Lessons from the South African Experience. Ran Greenstein (Witwatersrand): Race: A Theoretical Introduction (from Sociology: A South African Introduction). Livio Sansone (CEAO/UFBA): Eduardo Mondlane and the Social Sciences. Laura Paez (UNECA): Trade Interventions and Poverty Alleviation: Is Aid for Trade Helping the African Poor? Adugna Lemi (UMass) and Blen Solomon and Sisay Asefa (Western Michigan): Do Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Aid Promote Good Governance in Africa? Orphah Ruzvidzo on governance in Africa. Environmental concerns are central to the daily lives of ordinary people across Africa — how can social sciences face up to the challenges of the 21st century? Fertility treatment: Birth rates are not falling in Africa as fast as they did in Asia — more contraception would help. An awakening giant: If Africa’s economies are to take off, Africans will have to start manufacturing a lot more things — they may well do so. Will e-publishing help Africa switch on to reading? #AfricaTrending: From FIFA to Magnum ice cream to Nairobi’s traffic, Michela Wrong on what Africans talk about on Twitter.