Dmitry Dima Adamsky (IDC): The 1983 Nuclear Crisis: Lessons for Deterrence Theory and Practice. Giorgio Comai (Dublin City): Sovereignty Conflicts and Minority Protection: The Case of Abkhazia. From Buzzfeed, Ayesha Siddiqi introduces the new section BuzzFeed Ideas. Halil Gurhanli on the unbearable burden of being an intellectual in today’s Turkey. White, right-wing terrorist busted and hardly a peep. Is the CFPB about to break the payday lending business model? Lydia DePillis investigates. How the East Wing trapped Michelle Obama: Reid Cherlin goes inside the unhappiest White House office. McKenzie Wark on Andrey Platonov’s Antisexus and the sex-gender industrial complex. Christopher Ingraham on the Wonkblog guide to efficient drinking. Charles Koch explains why he is so crazy. The new normal: The bumpy, somewhat ironic, not necessarily genuine road toward normcore fashion, or how hipster narcissism managed to take an ugly turn. Opting out: A series on people who opt out of society on some level — homesteaders, back-to-the-landers, anti-government survivalists. Erik Loomis on McCutcheon: “The problem today is that progressives believe the ballot box is where change is made, when in fact it is where change is consolidated”. Jamelle Bouie on how Republicans rationalize voter suppression: The GOP’s claims of defending “voter integrity,” “fairness,” and “uniformity” are complete nonsense. The other Final Four: As the Final Four begins in Texas, the NCAA is facing four major lawsuits that could change college sports in major ways.