The inaugural issue of Global Summitry Journal is out. Luke Ulas (LSE): Realising Cosmopolitanism: The Role of a World State (PhD thesis). Tulasi Srinivas (Emerson): Engaged Cosmopolitanism and Religious Pluralism in an Age of Globalization. John O'Regan (IOE): English as a Lingua Franca: An Immanent Critique. Bas van der Vossen (UNCG): Immigration and Self-Determination. Leonardo Figueroa Helland (Westminster) and Stefan Borg (Stockholm): The Lure of State Failure: A Critique of State Failure Discourse in World Politics. David A. Koplow (Georgetown): What Would Zero Look Like? A Treaty for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons. Luis Valenzuela-Vermehren (UCTE): Ideology and Political Order: A Short Intellectual History with Implications for the International. From New Left Review, protector of the weak or tool of the strong? Tor Krever on the origins and evolution of the International Criminal Court, and its geopolitical tacking through a decade of imperial warfare. From the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Globalization, here is the entry on Indymedia by Victor Pickard. Kenichi Matsumoto, Vlasios Voudouris, and Kostas D. Andriosopoulos on unconventional oil: Will it satisfy future global oil demand? Joseph Stiglitz on the wrong side of globalization: Trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership would make our problems worse. The Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations gathered 19 international leaders from government, business and civil society to address the growing short-term preoccupations of modern politics and business and identify ways of overcoming today’s gridlock in key international negotiations.