From UN Chronicle, a special issue on higher education. Clifford Tan Kuan Lu (Nottingham): Do University Rankings Matter for Growth? Alexandre Afonso (King's College): How Academia Resembles a Drug Gang. Snezana Zhana Vrangalova (Cornell): Does Casual Sex Harm College Students’ Well-Being? A Longitudinal Investigation of the Role of Motivation. Stefan Collini reviews Everything for Sale? The Marketisation of UK Higher Education by Roger Brown, with Helen Carasso; and The Great University Gamble: Money, Markets and the Future of Higher Education by Andrew McGettigan (and more). Theology is losing ground in higher education across western Europe — but in certain specific ways, religion and religious culture have become a very hot campus topic, at British universities in particular. The Erasmus programme has raised many questions over the last quarter century; however, for the first time its legitimacy is being questioned. A revolutionary mission statement — improve the world: Addressing global problems should be the academy’s raison d’etre, argues Nicholas Maxwell. How to break the stranglehold of academics on critical thinking: New social movements such as Occupy need institutions to help elaborate their ideas — where will a modern collective intellectuality spring from? Mozhgan Savabieasfahani on how militarized universities endanger global public health. Massive open online forces: The rise of online instruction will upend the economics of higher education. An inmate and a scholar: Orhun Hakan Yalincak, a former N.Y.U. student who was imprisoned after pleading guilty to fraud, has tried to reinvent himself overseas.