From the inaugural issue of Critical Analysis of Law, a special issue on the New Interdisciplinarity. Philip Schofield (UCL): The Legal and Political Legacy of Jeremy Bentham. William A. Edmundson (Georgia State): Why Legal Theory is Political Philosophy. Roger Cotterrell (Queen Mary): Why Jurisprudence Is Not Legal Philosophy. Chad M. Oldfather (Marquette): Methodological Pluralism and Constitutional Interpretation. Francesco Belvisi (UNIMORE): Legal Pluralism and Problems of Legal Application. Mathew D. McCubbins (Duke) and Mark B. Turner (Case Western): Concepts of Law. Adam M. Samaha (NYU): On the Problem of Legal Change. Daria Roithmayr (USC), Alexander Isakov (Harvard), and David G. Rand (Yale): Should Law Keep Pace with Society? Corrado Roversi (Bologna): Five Kinds of Perspectives on Legal Institutions. Mark Tushnet (Harvard): Authoritarian Constitutionalism. Richard Bellamy (UCL): The Democratic Qualities of Courts: A Critical Analysis of Three Arguments. Steven G. Calabresi and Jasmine Owens (Northwestern): The Origins of Judicial Review. Lorenzo Casini (Rome): “Down the Rabbit Hole”: The Projection of the Public/Private Distinction Beyond the State. Guy Aitchison (UCL): The Limits of Constitutional Citizenship. Larry Alexander (San Diego): The Ontology of Consent; and Other People's Errors. Andrew Stumpff Morrison (Michigan): Eminent Legal Philosophers. Manuel Vargas (USF): Razian Responsibility. Dan Priel (York): Lon Fuller's Political Jurisprudence of Freedom. Sanne Taekema (EUR): The Procedural Rule of Law: Examining Waldron's Argument on Dignity and Agency. Michael Rosen on Ronald Dworkin: How did an essential figure in the modern revival of liberal political philosophy end up pondering issues of theology?