Paul H. Robinson and Joshua Samuel Barton (Penn): The Structure and Limits of Criminal Law. Samuel W. Buell (Duke): Culpability and Modern Crime. Pamela J. Stephens (Vermont): Collective Criminality and Individual Responsibility: The Constraints of Interpretation. Kai Ambos (Gottingen): Individual Liability for Macrocriminality. Paul Litton (Missouri): Is Psychological Research on Self-Control Relevant to Criminal Law? R. A. Duff (Minnesota): Criminal Responsibility and the Emotions: If Fear and Anger Can Exculpate, Why Not Compassion? Paul Litton (Missouri): Criminal Responsibility and Psychopathy: Do Psychopaths Have a Right to Excuse? Samuel H. Pillsbury (Loyola): Why Psychopaths Are Responsible. Eric D. Blumenson (Suffolk) and Victor Tadros (Warwick): A Criminal's Duty to Go to Jail? Four Arguments Against Tadros' Philosophy of Punishment, with Responses by Victor Tadros. Erte Xiao (Carnegie Mellon) and Fangfang Tan (Max Planck): Justification and Legitimate Punishment. Jonathan Steven Simon (UC-Berkeley): Punishment and the Political Technologies of the Body. Ken Levy (LSU): Why Retributivism Needs Consequentialism: The Rightful Place of Revenge in the Criminal Justice System. Richard L. Lippke (Indiana): Some Surprising Implications of Negative Retributivism. Michael Tonry (Minnesota): Can Deserts Be Just in an Unjust World? Sure, I’m behind bars, but I’m still morally superior to you: Tom Jacobs on how the belief we’re better than the average person holds true even for convicts. The introduction to Punishment and Society: The Emergence of an Academic Field by Jonathan Steven Simon and Richard Sparks.