Sarah Adams-Schoen (Touro): Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: A Local Solution to a Global Problem. A.J. McMichael (ANU): Earth as Humans’ Habitat: Global Climate Change and the Health of Populations. Roy Krovel (HiOA): Revisiting Social and Deep Ecology in the Light of Global Warming. Shi-Ling Hsu (FSU): The Accidental Postmodernists: A New Era of Skepticism in Environmental Policy. Debra Javeline (Notre Dame): The Most Important Topic Political Scientists Are Not Studying: Adapting to Climate Change. The politics of climate change stink — that's why “think globally, act locally” is back. From Our World, do we need to get radical about climate change? Brendan Barrett wonders. Uri Friedman and Svati Kirsten Narula on the UN's new focus: Surviving, not stopping, climate change. Did the Supreme Court tip its hand on climate change? Ryan Koronowski on what the Supreme Court’s latest air pollution ruling means. Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow on how to solve climate change with cows (maybe): Could better grazing patterns be the answer? Paul Krugman on crazy climate economics. Two degrees: Brad Plumer on how the world failed on climate change. Obama's last shot: The president came into office promising to make fighting climate change a priority — now, he finally seems to be getting serious about it (and more). Brothers Bill and Bob Nordhaus battle climate change on two fronts. Roger M. Cooke on deep and shallow uncertainty in messaging climate change. Why climate deniers are winning: Paul Rosenberg on the twisted psychology that overwhelms scientific consensus. Fuck Earth Day: Stop pretending that the crisis can be “solved”, that the planet can be “saved”, that business more-or-less as usual — what progressives and environmentalists have been doing for forty-odd years and more — is morally or intellectually tenable.