Julian Savulescu and Brian D. Earp (Oxford): Neuroreductionism About Sex and Love. Alexandra B. Klass and Danielle Meinhardt (Minnesota): Transporting Oil and Gas: U.S. Infrastructure Challenges. Gertrud Koch (FUB): Image Politics: The Monotheistic Prohibition of Images and its Afterlife in Political Aesthetics. From M/C, a special issue on Taste: A Media and Cultural View. Larry Summers reviews Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty. Jason Zengerle on how Barack Obama sold out the kale crowd. David Cole on how the NSA kills people “based on metadata”. Glenn Greenwald reveals 7 new NSA crimes against graphic design. For Kochs and Adelson, it’s not just money: Critics who reduce these right-wing billionaires' motives to sheer profits are missing the real — scarier — story. The 3% solution: A potent source of genetic variation in cognitive ability has just been discovered. Did Robert Capa fake “Falling Soldier”? Amanda Vaill on the complicated history of the world's most famous war photograph. Jared Diamond says we could be living in a new Stone Age by 2114. Benghazi nuts, anti-vaxxers, birthers: Do they really buy their own nonsense? Peter Frase on infotainment journalism. Telepresence allows you to leap impossible distance, but how “there” can you really feel when your body is 350 miles away? The Walking Dead: Jason Zasky on the rise and fall of the six-day walking match, an exercise in endurance and sleep deprivation. Eric Posner on John McCain, Schmittian humanitarian — it’s a new category in political philosophy.