Tomasz Grzywaczewski (Lodz): Re-building the Empire: The Right of Secession in Public International Law in the Context of Quasi States: The Cases of the Republic of Crimea and Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR). Ivan Katchanovski (Ottawa): Stalin and Bandera: Politics of Totalitarian Leaders in Contemporary Ukraine. Niccolo Leo Caldararo (SFSU): Ukraine Neither a State Nor a Country. While we praise Ukrainian restraint, Putin builds his neo-Soviet empire. Get real, Nick Kristof: Happy talk isn't going to help Ukraine and Moldova deter Vladimir Putin. The (dis)integration of Moldova: Walter Kemp on five scenarios for Ukraine's fragile neighbor. Which former Soviet state could be the next Ukraine? Linda Kinstler on how Russia says it has an obligation to protect Russian speakers everywhere, which could be used as an excuse to make additional landgrabs. Who will be the president of Novorossiya? A power struggle has broken out among pro-Russian leaders in Ukraine — they're fighting for control of a country that doesn't exist yet. Edward P. Joseph on how Putin could achieve all of his designs on Ukraine — without sending a single tank across the border. Why is Ukraine's army so appallingly bad? Linda Kinstler wonders. The history of Jewish-Ukrainian relations hasn't been a happy one — but these days, the two sides are joining forces against Vladimir Putin. From TNR, Anne Applebaum on why nationalism is exactly what Ukraine needs: Democracy fails when citizens don't believe their country is worth fighting for; and Timothy Snyder on how the battle in Ukraine means everything: Fascism returns to the country it once destroyed. Jann Ingmire and Wen Huang interview Eric Posner and Stanislav Markus on the Ukraine crisis. Max Fisher on the speech Obama would give on Russia if he were brutally honest.