Anita Bernstein (Brooklyn): What's Wrong with Stereotyping? Lars Tonder (Northwestern): Comic Power: Another Road Not Taken? Jordana Rosenberg (UMass): The Molecularization of Sexuality: On Some Primitivisms of the Present. From The Writer, how I write: An interview with MK Asante; and can a writer get something from a book group of nonwriters? Jack Hamann investigates. Simon Kuper on the next big rights revolution: “The new interest in disabled people reflects the belated discovery that there are no second-class humans”. Edirin Oputu reviews The Secret World of Oil by Ken Silverstein. We know more than ever before about our government’s mass surveillance apparatus, and we now have the power to rein it in — a message from Edward Snowden, one year later. No time: How did we get so busy? Horse racing can't be saved, even if California Chrome wins the Triple Crown. Kevin Drum on five quick things to know about Bowe Bergdahl (and more). David Weigel on how quickly conservatives turned on Bowe Bergdahl (and more). Has Obama saved the Earth, or doomed it? There is only so much one American president can do. Mr. Magazine reports on a record-breaking month in new consumer magazine launches. Hurricanes vs. Himmicanes: Who's to blame for the hype about a recent study with sensational claims about the effects of hurricane names? Colorado's director of pot enforcement thinks legalization is going great. One hundred years ago this month, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated — but what happened next will astound you.