Nathaniel Sharadin (UNC): Reasons Wrong and Right. Bartosz Brozek (Jagiellonian): The Normativity of Meaning. Alex Silk (Birmingham): What Normative Terms Mean and Why It Matters for Ethical Theory. Glenda Satne (Copenhagen): What Binds Us Together: Normativity and the Second Person. Elizabeth Harman (Princeton): Morally Permissible Moral Mistakes; and Ethics is Hard! What Follows? David McCarthy (Hong Kong): Probability in Ethics. Rob van Someren Greve (Amsterdam): “Ought”, “Can”, and Fairness. Changwoo Jeong (SNU) and Hyemin Han (Stanford): Exploring the Relationship between Virtue Ethics and Moral Identity. Andres Luco (Nanyang): Morality or False Consciousness? How Moral Naturalists Can Answer Thrasymachus's Challenge. Shaun Nichols and Theresa Lopez (Arizona) and Shikhar Kumar (Carnegie Mellon): Rational Learners and Non-utilitarian Rules. Jonathan Webber (Cardiff): Instilling Virtue. Mark Kelman and Tamar Admati Kreps (Stanford): Which Losses Do We Impose on Some to Benefit Others? Edward C. Lyons (OCU): Slaughter of the Innocents: Justification, Excuse and the Principle of Double Effect. Antoinette Baujard (Lyon): Utilitarianism and Anti-Utilitarianism. Saba Bazargan (UCSD): Moral Coercion. Hassan H. Elkatawneh (Walden): Abu Ghraib Scandal and the Ethical Dilemma. About right and wrong: Hamilton Nolan interviews Peter Singer. Many philosophical theories try to evade the uncomfortable truth that luck and fate play a role in the conduct of our moral lives, argues Paul Russell. Being for: Mark Andrew Schroeder interviewed by Richard Marshall.