A new issue of the Journal of Dialogue Studies is out. Charles T. Wolfe (Ghent) and Andy Wong (Liege): The Return of Vitalism: Canguilhem, Bergson and the Project of Biophilosophy. Forthcoming in Philosophy and Psychedelics: Exploring the Logos of Psychedelia, ed. Peter Lemmens and Pieter Stokkink, Thomas Roberts (NIU): What Is Philosophy's Greatest Opportunity? An Essay on Multistate Theory. From Wonkblog, conservatives are from McMansions, liberals are from the city: Emily Badger on the tremendously predictable housing preferences of ideologues, and what they say about us; five charts that show how conservatives are driving partisan rancor in DC; and a look at how energized partisans are driving polarization — but so are apathetic centrists. It's been 150 years since the U.S. was this politically polarized. From TNR, conservatives have no choice but to move further Left: Brian Beutler on how liberals are actually more clear eyed about the challenges facing the conservative reform agenda than the reformicons themselves; and Alice Robb on Professor Brat's economics class: A dress code, Bible readings, and crushes on the teacher. Zack Beauchamp on the one sentence that explains why Iraq is falling apart. Adam Weinstein on what's happening in Iraq and what may come next, explained. Hayes Brown and Adam Peck on why the Middle East is now a giant warzone, in one terrifying chart. If I ruled the world: Alexander McCall Smith. The O.J. Simpson saga began 20 years ago today — here's why his son should be a suspect.