From Cafe Babel, a special issue on the Common Agricultural Policy. EU and the global hollywood: In a critique of EU film policy, Hans Erik Naess claims that European funding programmes that focus on "European cultural identity and cultural heritage" are totally misguided. The Well Spring: Maybe Christianity in Europe hasn't run dry. In defence of national interests: There is a good case for a smaller European Commission—but also some counter-arguments. The trouble with migrants: Europe is fretting about too much immigration when it needs even more. From Merkur, when young Muslims reject western society, some say they have been driven to do so, and self-exclusion is thus reinterpreted as the fault of the majority. What motivates this alliance between liberal self-critique and religiosity? You've got to swing your hips! An interview with German author Feridun Zaimoglu on how feminist former-Muslims demonize ordinary young Muslim women. An essay on Germany as the soft underbelly of Europe: Germany presents a tempting target for the jihadists and others. In the land of the mute: Andrzej Stasiuk has penned a sophisticated and bourbon-fuelled portrait of Polish-German relations — "Dojczland" has divided Poland. From The Economist, a series of articles on Austria: Austria has had some lucky breaks and has used them with brio, but what should it do for an encore?