Editor or algorithm? Refinements in news services from Outside.in and Yahoo! Portals think small for the latest news niche: Sites offer access to content as gateways battle traffic slippage. Big media octopuses, cutting off tentacles: Is the age of media deconsolidation upon us? An interview with Michael Eisner on the writers’ strike, Internet-only content and starting a new-media company. Why newspapers love the striking screenwriters — for the same reason journalists love themselves. Breaking news, not transcribing it: The Washington Post gives the embargo system a kick in the pants. A review of -30-: The Collapse of the Great American Newspaper. A review of Peter Jennings: A Reporter's Life. A review of Boom! by Tom Brokaw. Disservice journalism: Not-So-Hot Buttons: Race and gender continue to be standbys in political media coverage despite the fact that they aren't as important as they once were. A review of Reporting Iraq, ed. Columbia Journalism Review. There has recently been a huge growth in transnational English language television channels, with the launch in the UK of Al Jazeera English, Press TV (Iran), CCTV9 (China), France 24 and Russia Today. These join existing channels such as CNN International, Voice of America and BBC World TV. But what are the purposes of these channels? A look at how Al Jazeera English offers news without the nonsense. Media bias is a fact of life: Is anyone really so naive to expect something different from these news outlets?