Rebecca E. Zietlow (Toledo): The Constitutional Right to Organize. Kate Andrias (Michigan): The New Labor Law. The perils of a partisan NLRB: Although recent decisions are worth celebrating, our labor rights are far too dependent on the political affiliation of National Labor Relations Board appointees — how did it come to this? The phantom limb: Why it matters that the United States has no labor party. Labor after Bernie: An organizer with Labor for Bernie argues that the gains won within the Democratic Party must be defended and expanded. Elena Nikolova on how democracy weakens when workers have less power. Realistically, there is only one way out of our predicament: Organize or die. “Alt-labor” reorganizes politics in the age of Trump.

Veterans of Obama’s Labor Department look ahead in anguish: The Department of Labor was the regulatory hub for advancing Obama’s second-term agenda — Trump endangers all of that (and more and more and more). Why the Puzder nomination fell apart: The fast-food mogul faced opposition from both liberal and conservative groups, though for different reasons.