Josh Blackman (STCL): SCOTUS after Scalia. From the Congressional Research Service, a report on the Scalia vacancy in historical context: Frequently asked questions. After 401 days, political battle over Supreme Court reaches Senate. What to expect from the Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings. Supreme Court nominees should weigh in on these rulings — you’re up, Judge Gorsuch. Neil Gorsuch’s “natural law” philosophy is a long way from Justice Scalia’s originalism. This is how Neil Gorsuch thinks. Newly public emails hint at Gorsuch’s view of presidential power. In e-mails, Neil Gorsuch praised Hans von Spakovksy, leading Republican activist behind voter suppression efforts. Real people, real lives: Paul Gordon on the harm caused by Judge Gorsuch.

Philip Hamburger on Gorsuch’s collision course with the administrative state. Eric Posner on Neil Gorsuch and Philip Hamburger’s book, Is Administrative Law Unlawful? (and a response and a reply).