From Business Week, pundits are eager to provide their predictions for the new year — here's something a little different: Ten Things That Won't Happen in 2008. President Bush and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton again top Gallup's annual lists of "most admired" men and women. More from David Brooks on The Sidney Awards. From The Economist, a big deal: Poker is getting younger, cleverer, duller and much, much richer; for those who like leaping into the abyss, Norway is the place to do it; and an article on the poignancy of piers: Musings on a favourite memento mori. Bike-sharing is caring: Bike-sharing programs that provide cheap access to inner-city bicycles are popular all over Europe, and Beijing, and even American cities are catching on. Artists only: Young arty types congregate, create and watch a show about young arty types — all online. From TNR, the unlikely story of how a depressing Joni Mitchell song became our newest Christmas standard. For those of you who think Christmas celebrations have "lost" their spiritual meaning, think again: Some historians say they never really had any. Ubiquitous profanity prompts a debate: Some say the expression "Oh my God" is a swipe at the Almighty. Others say it's just a way of saying "wow".