Sanchita Singh (MRIU) and Kaushlendra Mani Tripathi (Delhi): Selfie: A New Obsession. In Syria, Russia falls victim to its own success: Moscow’s rogue client has destroyed the country’s ability to present itself as an indispensable arbiter in the conflict. Why did Syria still have chemical weapons? To some, aggressive Justice Dept stance looks like step back. “Not even subtle: as the WH plans to help opioid users in rural America, Sessions starts a crackdown on inner cities”. Why is Hungary trying to close George Soros’s prestigious university? In praise of cash: Cash might be grungy, unfashionable and corruptible, but it is still a great public good, important for rich and poor alike. “Devil’s Advocate Boy” statue erected on Wall Street next to “Fearless Girl”.

Easiest way to understand President Trump is to listen to civilian Trump. I swear if Trump randomly, like, tripped on a squirrel or something we’d find an old tweet of his saying only fat losers trip on squirrels. It’s like Trump insulted an old gypsy woman who cursed him to live out his tweets. Trump’s law: for every presidential action, there is an equal and opposite reaction found in a tweet dated 1 to 4 years ago.