Agner Fog (DTU): Why are Cultures Warlike or Peaceful? Introducing Regality Theory. From the Brains Blog, a symposium on Alex Madva’s “A Plea for Anti-Anti-Individualism”. Guantanamo Redux: John Bellinger on why it was opened and why it should be closed (and not enlarged). Pauli Murray was an architect of the civil-rights struggle and the women’s movement — why haven’t you heard of her? Kathryn Schulz reviews Jane Crow: The Life of Pauli Murray by Rosalind Rosenberg. It’s not just Fox: Why women don’t report sexual harassment. Preet Bharara links firing to Trump team’s “helter-skelter incompetence”. What kind of mind creates a book like Sapiens? Ezra Klein interviews Yuval Harari on how meditation made him a better historian.

Airlines treat you badly because they can: After a decade of mergers and takeovers, there’s not much competition left in the US airline business. The airline industry is a starving giant that’s gnawing at our economy. Thread: “Make no mistake: the decline of customer service is part of the political anger out there. #United” How regulators can discourage a repeat of United’s overbooking fiasco.