Patrick R. Grzanka (Tennessee), Emily S. Mann (South Carolina), and Sinikka Elliott (NCSU): The Neoliberalism Wars, or Notes on the Persistence of Neoliberalism. Luca Mavelli (Kent): Governing the Resilience of Neoliberalism through Biopolitics. Dawn L. Rothe and Victoria E. Collins (Eastern Kentucky): The Integrated Spectacle: Neoliberalism and the Socially Dead. From Syndicate, a symposium on The Origins of Neoliberalism: Modeling the Economy from Jesus to Foucault by Dotan Leshem. Are consumer movements inherently neoliberal? From Public Seminar, Michael Quirk on the uses and limits of anti-neoliberalism; and what do you mean when you use the term neoliberalism? Jeffrey Goldfarb asks his American friends, colleagues, students and comrades on the academic Left.

In defence of neoliberalism: The “neoliberal era” has done more to reduce global poverty than any other time in history.